Why People Like the Villain Deathstroke

As we know, Deathstroke is a big villain in the comic. He is the powerful enemy of Arrow and Batman. When he appears, he is always with the Deathstroke helmet, which makes him scary.

Deathstroke cosplay

Why Deathstroke is loved by so many people? The fans of him like to cosplay Deathstroke with the Deathstroke cosplay costumes very much. In the first place, Deathstroke is very powerful, he could even defeat Batman. In the second place, he is cool with the Deathstroke mask, the people who cosplay him want to be cool. Maybe, the cosers want to be a different superhero, so they love Deathstroke.

All in all, Deathstroke is a classical man in the comic, I am also a fan of him, and you?

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