Teen Titans and Deathstroke Mask had Close Relations

When the teen titans have new look, the soul of the bell found Jericho boarding in his body, gradually took over his body and put on the Deathstroke mask. In winter, with the help of green bell tried to use his son, but was the revenge of Jericho. Jericho complete control of the father’s body, killed the winter green, then to the identity of the death knell of young Titan new members. Vowed to prevent teenagers become heroes.

Jericho the powerful fighting against the father uniform most of the members of the Titan. Including broken Bart Allen’s knee, knocked the Victor Stone machinery eye, and almost killed robin. The rest of the team members, Superboy and Wonder girl finally stop the Jericho, he forced out from the father’s body, and trapped by Raven.

Therefore, the teen titans to start busy again.

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