How to Fight with Deathstroke in Batman:Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins is a great game. Deathstroke with the Deathstroke helmet is so cool. When you fight Deathstroke, you do not just fight back. You can start at him too hard when he attacks you, that is, when emergence close-up, this time we must pay attention to what the key is not to press it. After a while, right back hints inevitable, if it begins in close-up you are still pressing the left mouse button or double-click the right, then you will inevitably be the death Deathstroke to play, and there is no counter- prompts. Focus fact is, you take the initiative to attack the death Deathstroke, when there is the death Deathstroke for the attack protagonist close-up, stop pressing any key, back key tips until after quickly began to fight back on ok.

Deathstroke mask
In the death Deathstroke for this place there were many problems, recently there has emerged a problem players, many players defeated the boss after the death Deathstroke on the card in the game of go, follow the prompts to open the door is useless, I believe that this problem also plagued many players it, as we explain below on the next Batman Arkham death Deathstroke for the ship method originated kick.

After the fight we must pay attention to play the boss’s order to open the door, before I hung with rope, and then will slide into a head above the door wing aircraft, triggering a period of Penguin’s plot.

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Until I was directly behind the front door opposite the direction of the small white run, there is also a door is open, but there are a lot next to the jet pipe, after passing through the tube from the top of a pipe back to the fight the death Deathstroke of the place, but I B6 words from that door ran, but life and death open the door, which did not like the video can be opened.

After re- reading the file again, and this time we went there B6 door open a bit, and then in a big circle around the boat, and stuck in the theater, no way can only backtrack back until after the hall, or from which the white gate is gone, a miracle happened: inside the door can open, so I passed with a hook claws.

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