Deathstroke Mask: North Korea Batman and the Origin of Batman Comic Book Published

Deathstroke Mask: North Korea Batman and the Origin of Batman Comic Book Published

To celebrate the mystery, the origin of batman: gump’s website BBS exposes the plot “north Korea” article and numerous original painting of skin, Bruce Wayne thanks to the north mountain kirin, do in Rome as Rome became a ninja, also a face of beard, but there are also special skin version “vigilantes” Bruce Wayne, very handsome and natural and unrestrained. Bruce Wayne

The story about Bruce Wayne at the end of the study Asian martial arts, he began to search within the territory of the mountains in north Korea since a peninsula in The Three Kingdoms period began to teach hidden flow martial temple, found here, finally experience the way to master kirin accept Bruce Wayne, as a servant, he promised to begin teaching martial arts.

The stars vigilantes Bruce Wayne: homeless In addition, the official to build a new iOS oriented interactive cartoon, as the “origin” prequel, players can dynamically choose batman routes, mainly in the face of some gangs and are villain in the story.

Besides that, the local time on Dec. 31, Rocksteady created by DC “silver age”, such as superman and so on DC role into, is expected to be officially released in 2014, the queen’s voice at the same time Kevin Corny already officially said new batman by his voice, at the same time warner in 2015 also included batman VS superman movie, played by Ben affleck new batman, so it is likely that the game also follow up make this work. Homeless star this figure is superman batman costumes, new book will be a justice league?

Deathstroke mask as a Halloween mask is a good choice, also star lord mask and groot mask!

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