Deathstroke Mask: Frozen Appears in Batman Arkham Origins

Deathstroke Mask: Frozen Appears in Batman Arkham Origins

Warner announced today as about: screenshots and intelligence “Batman Arkham Origins” a new chapter in the story continued, organized by the Bruce Wayne Gotham manor humanitarian Annual Awards, frozen in front of people arrives to knock, Bruce Wayne will hide their identity, while its confrontation.

Deathstroke mask

We know that in the “Batman: The Animated Series of articles” in the more famous one chapter, Gotham Group CEO Ferris Boyle was awarded the “Annual Humanitarian businessman” award, subsequently frozen people attack. Of course, Boyle is not just a really nice guy; he not only stole Victor Fries cooling formula and brought him into a chemical pool, but also led him to become the cause of villain image.

Bruce Wayne suit model, there are articles not landed, this DLC will send Wayne Manor in handy this story in “Batman: Arkham Asylum” also describes the reason Boyle lead to frozen human origin, so “Batman: Forrest origins “will be fully described in this origin, and then frozen people with Ruekamu.

Deathstroke mask

Of course, the official has said that the DLC story with “Arkham City Halle Revenge” considerable length, will introduce the origin of one of Batman’s most important ally of the relationship, it is likely to have Robin, while earlier Screenshot there are Alfred and bats human drama, calendars people will debut in the New Year.

In addition, Queen’s Batman voice Kevin Corny Rocksteady will build a new orthodoxy DC Man changed the game for the return, officially announced in 2014, 2015 landed next-generation consoles and PC, rumors leaked prior to the “Silver Age” as the theme of “justice League “game, but also with the Warner 2015″ Batman VS Superman “has Wonder Woman, Nightwing, green Lantern, lightning knight string of” justice League “movie preview,” justice League “movie version will be in 2017 in release. For more information, please visit: Batman: Arkham Origins Area

All we know that Batman Arkham Origins is an awesome game this year, and we could see many people cosplay the characters in the game. By the way, the animal masks and scary masks are very suitable for Halloween.

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