Deathstroke Mask Batman Arkham Origins New Information and New Holiday Killer the Red Hood War

Deathstroke Mask Batman Arkham Origins New Information and New Holiday Killer the Red Hood War

Montreal to build the revealed diffuse Warner change “Batman: the origin of Agam” recently released the latest pictures and information, as Warner dear son works, is also a prequel, the content of considerable. New pictures are: energy-saving the graph is “I am the night (I Am The Night)” mode of propaganda maps, this pattern is a challenge, game player has only one chance, but archive mechanism, but it is unclear whether can only save a file. The latest intelligence: gamersky holiday killer Alberto Falcone, he is the son of Kaman rumors of Mafia family, he killed his father, is also a professional killer, except in April 1st, would kill for any holiday, while leaving some day festival logo items. This is because the prequel, at this time of Kaman also did not hang, Penguin kidnapped Alberto Falcone, is likely to explain some interesting content.

Season with the “new century skin pack” with red son version of Batman, zombie version of gangster role Maroni, mysterious figure “Red Riding Hood”, and calendar of people to join, is not clear “Red Riding Hood” identity, the original red hood many characters. New weapons, explosives “concussion”. Can enter the challenge map in the bat cave, training mode. Gotham Jingju has corruption, a lot of people involved in the black mask suggested action, Batman needs to dive into GCPD to find the file. The villain Anarky, the original is comparative justice image, this he is homeless protector, protection of those GCPD people. Barbara Gordon joined, which is later Batgirl and Oracle energy-saving task “Enlightenment”, can play Bruce Wayne, challenge its master “unicorn” as Batman voice training, by the Ezio Roger Craig Smith as a prequel to dub, Batman encounter many villain, black mask reward attracted 8 assassin, already announced include the death knell, Archer, copperhead, Bain, fire flies, Shiva, crocodile, que female, October 25th landing Xbox360, PS3, Wii U, PC platform, Wii U version does not support multiplayer mode, challenge mode can play a death knell, there are “1VS100″ pattern.

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